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Date: 22nd October 2016
Plain Shedding Single Pump Double Beam 2 Nozzle 408model Water Jet Loom
Quick Details?Condition: Used?Year: 2003?Type: Water Jet Loom?Application: to weave?Place of Origin: Japan?Brand Name: Tsudakoma?Model Number: ZW-408?Weight: 1.5-2T?Certification: ISO9001 ISO2000 CE?Reed Width: 210cm 230cm?Pump: 2?Nozzle: 3?Shedding: staubli dobby (2571)?Heald Frame: 14 pcs?ETU: YPackaging & DeliveryPackaging Details:Standard export packageDelivery Detail:Within 10DAYSSpecifications1.More cheaper than a new machine.?2.Efficiency as well as the new machine.?Used Tsudakoma Water Jet Loom: 230cm 48sets(Made in 2003)210cm 16sets(Made in 1998)Japan Tsudakoma Water Jet Loom adopted a highly simplified operation iT - Board, of the stop marks to prevent the complex setting, determination, and storage devices, can easily with a few key input. This machine can weave any fabric which rapier loom can weave,also can weave heavy fabrics, high-density fabric and uneven organization fabric.Details Information:Tsudakoma 408made in the year 2003held frame 14upper2 pumpthree nozzlestaubli dobby (2571)ETUMain Technical ParametersWeft insertion rate :2000mpminNumber of heald frame piece:16 (Dobby Loom)Installed power:3.5kw,4.6kwWeft density range:6-60pick/cmSpeed:the designed speed 1200rpm/min(actual speed according to the fabric sizing)For yarn type:(1)Nylon filament(2)Nylon with wire-free pulp(3)Multi-resin raw silk(4)Multiple lipid retractable wire(5)Multiple lipid rayon(6)Multi-resin hard twist yarn(7)Multiple lipid extension wire(8)Multiple lipid-free pulp with silk(9)Elastic fiber yarn(10)lmitation silk cotton